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Want FIRE’s Take on Free Speech at Public and Private Schools? Emory’s Volokh Spells It Out in Two Minutes

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

In a video now available on C-SPAN, Emory University School of Law professor Alexander “Sasha” Volokh explains FIRE’s stance on free speech at private and public schools in a single, precise, and thought-provoking soundbite.

Volokh made the comments as part of an event at Emory’s campus last semester, Academic Freedom: The State of Free Speech on University Campuses and Its Consequences for the Future.

FIRE’s position is simple: If you’re a public institution bound by the First Amendment, or a private institution promising free speech, FIRE will hold you accountable for failing to fulfill your obligations. However, inquiries about why we fault certain schools on free speech and not others remain among FIRE’s most frequently asked questions. Volokh explains how and why our strategy makes sense (with examples!)—all in under two minutes.

Hopefully many people, at Emory and elsewhere, will benefit from Volokh’s brief pointer.  

For a broader rundown on recent topics in campus speech, C-SPAN has more on both the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education in general, and video of the full Emory event.

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