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Watch the 2009 CFN Conference LIVE

As Luke pointed out yesterday, the 2009 CFN conference is right around the corner and he and I have both been busy making final preparations. We have made some changes to last year's program and are integrating the terrific feedback we received from our speakers and participants into our planning. With an energetic group of students converging on Philadelphia on Thursday eager to learn how to defend their rights on campus, I'm confident that this year's conference will be our best yet.

As part of our continued attempt to improve our programming and increase the size and scope of our outreach, we will be live streaming this year's conference starting on Friday morning. I invite you to check out the live video feed once it's up and running. Additionally, several FIRE staffers will be tweeting during the conference and giving updates on the various sessions that we are offering this year. If you have a Twitter account and would like to participate, simply append #cfn09 to your tweets and join in the conversation!

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