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We the People of FIRE Wish You a Happy Constitution Day!

Two hundred and twenty-five years ago today, in the building immediately across the street from FIRE's office, the United States Constitution was signed. We at FIRE are blessed to work so close to Independence Hall, and the sight of it through our office windows is a constant reminder to us that the sources of the individual rights for which we fight so hard are the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

But just as the sight of Independence Hall is an inspiration to us, Constitution Day is a reminder that the rights provided by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights exist not just because of the words in these documents but because people believe in and exercise those rights, and because every day, people—military and civilian alike—work tirelessly to defend them. 

So whether you're a free speech enthusiast, a due process advocate, a religious freedom fighter, a necessary-and-proper proponent, a champion of equal protection, a no-double-jeopardy junkie, or a proud full-faith-and-credit crusader, today is a day to reflect on our freedoms, and a day to think about what we can each do to help preserve those rights now and for another 225 years. 

FIRE's Development Director suggested that donating to us is one good way. Who am I to argue? So Happy Constitution Day, and please donate to FIRE!

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