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Where can principled free speech advocates turn?

Free speech advocates marching

Is there still a place for the free speech faithful?

FIRE’s Executive Vice President Nico Perrino considers that question in a piece for The Detroit News, describing how national trends continue to threaten free expression and how principled advocates are few and far between. 

As part of the article, Nico issues a call to action:

“We must defend free speech without fear or favor. We must defend it even when the speech offends us. We must win converts one victory at a time. We must understand that defending free speech has always been an unpopular cause. We must not abandon it even when everyone around us calls for censorship.”

That's just what FIRE is doing.

Regardless of how the national winds shift, FIRE is working tirelessly to defend free speech for all Americans — both as a legal right and cherished cultural value. We are unapologetically nonpartisan and believe that free speech does not belong to any one group, but to each and every American.

FIRE is proud to be a home for those who share that belief, and we are working every day to gather the free speech faithful together into a national constituency. After all, if we are going to preserve fundamental expressive rights and promote a culture of free speech, we need to act together. That is why FIRE is aiming to mobilize a million-person movement of free speech advocates.

We cannot thank our supporters enough for being amongst this group of principled people holding down the fort for free speech. If you have already sent in your annual gift to FIRE, thank you so much for your commitment to our cause. 

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