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Whistleblowing UCLA Scientist Fights for His Job in Hearing Today

Hearings for University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) professor and scientist James Enstrom begin today. Dr. Enstrom is fighting for his job after UCLA retaliated against him for his exposure of a California Air Resources Board (CARB) scientist with a fake Ph.D. as well as other staffing irregularities, and for Enstrom's scientific critique of findings by CARB that were used for air pollution regulation in the state. Last week, released a video about the implications of a professor being punished for claiming that his state's environmental policy relies on questionable science, and 12 California legislators wrote UCLA Chancellor Gene Block to express concern about academic freedom in the University of California system. FIRE is helping Enstrom defend his job.

Click here to write UCLA Chancellor Gene Block about the threat to academic freedom posed by UCLA's treatment of Dr. James Enstrom.

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