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Why I'm Thankful for FIRE's Speakers Bureau This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and do you want to know something I’m giving thanks for this year? FIRE’s Speakers Bureau! I’m thankful for it because having a FIRE staffer come to your school to speak to students, faculty, and administrators is an excellent opportunity to bring positive change to the state of student rights.

Often, after students check out their schools in Spotlight, FIRE’s online speech code database, they want to do something to change their school’s restrictive policies. Hosting a speaker is a great way to start! FIRE staff members are available to give talks on campus, and hosting them can spark a conversation among students and drive op-eds in the student newspaper. As an added bonus, administrators will often attend FIRE talks and work with students afterward to change restrictive policies.

Planning a FIRE lecture takes a little work, but organizing and putting it on is an exciting and fulfilling experience. Even if you have never planned a campus event before, FIRE’s Campus Freedom Network is here to help along the way! Check out our Speakers Bureau at and click “request a speaker” or give our office a call, and I’ll be happy to walk you through the steps of lecture planning.

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