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Will Creeley on Hate Speech Rules in UC-San Diego Student Newspaper

FIRE's Will Creeley has been interviewed for an article in the University of California, San Diego student newspaper, The Guardian. The article addresses the recent call for the University of California (UC) system to prohibit so-called "hate speech," an effort that FIRE opposed as clearly unconstitutional. Thankfully, the story has a happy ending: UC President Mark Yudof rejected the idea. Enterprising student reporter Mina Nilchian asked Will for his take on prohibiting hate speech. Here's a taste:

"I think life in a modern liberal democracy can be very challenging for many. At times our most deeply held beliefs are challenged and we'll find ourselves deeply offended by the ideas that we encounter," Creeley said. "We think that as always the idea is to facilitate more dialogue to work to foster understanding via continued debate and discussion."

Check out this excellent piece of student journalism!

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