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Winter 2006 ‘FIRE Quarterly’ Now Available

FIRE recently released its latest issue of The FIRE Quarterly, which contains news updates on FIRE events and victories in cases at universities across the country.

Some highlights from this edition include a look at our first Spotlight on Speech Codes 2006, which reviewed speech codes from schools across the country and assessed how many significantly restrict speech on campus.

The Quarterly also featured FIRE’s involvement on Columbia’s campus this fall in three separate incidents: the unfair punishment of the men’s ice hockey club for posting an offensive flyer, the chaotic student protest of a controversial guest speaker, and FIRE’s call for Teachers College to abandon its social justice requirement for its students.

We also described our efforts at Johns Hopkins University to successfully defend the staff of a conservative student publication faced with unjust harassment charges after publishing a controversial story, and our case involving a graduate student at Marquette University who was ordered to remove a Dave Barry quote from his door after an administrator deemed it “patently offensive,” which remains unresolved.

Check out the complete edition of the new Winter 2006 Quarterly here, and be sure to read The Torch tomorrow for highlights from a column from FIRE’s Board of Directors.

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