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Winter 2011 'FIRE Quarterly' Now Available

The winter issue of our newsletter, The FIRE Quarterly, is now available! This edition focuses on the Tyler Clementi Higher Education Anti-Harassment Act and its implications for free speech on campus, while also highlighting FIRE's recent cases at Northern Illinois University and Syracuse University (a recent victory!). We also praise the University of Virginia for eliminating the last of its unconstitutional speech codes, becoming FIRE's 13th "green light" institution.

FIRE's co-founder and chairman Harvey Silverglate provided this issue's "From the Board of Directors" article, thanking FIRE's supporters who have been the fuel behind its fight for liberty on campus. He writes:

Every one of you who has given FIRE any financial support, in any amount, has helped enable the work of the single most talented, hard-working, and ingenious group of full-time academic civil libertarians ever assembled. Since FIRE's founding in 1999, they and their predecessors have won 191 public victories, with many more cases resolved privately, at 139 colleges and universities with a total enrollment of nearly three million students. That's a lot of students whose college education was at least a little unburdened from the stultifying oppressiveness of politically correct, tendentious, unfair administrative (and sometimes even professorial) outrages.

FIRE's supporters have funded the rewriting of 94 unconstitutional or otherwise repressive policies affecting more than 1.9 million students at 81 of these universities, as well as across the entire California and Wisconsin state university systems. Our staff, along with the volunteer lawyers around the country who have taken up our cases, has a 100% success rate in lawsuits against unconstitutional speech codes that seek to enforce orthodoxy in what is fit (and what is unfit) to come out of the minds and mouths of college studentsand even, not so incidentally, in what sense of the world may reside in their hearts and consciences.

FIRE's achievements provide us with more opportunities to continue with our defense of and education about individual rights on campuses. For more on the continued successes and campaigns of FIRE, be sure to check out The FIRE Quarterly.


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