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Yale Finds Fraternity Members Who Said They Loved Yale Sluts Not Guilty

Thankfully, Yale has decided that fraternity members who held up a sign with the phrase "We Love Yale Sluts" in front of the Yale's Women's Center were not guilty of intimidation and harassment. It is unfortunate that Yale even investigated and tried a single instance of protected speech. Yale should have dismissed the complaint once the school ascertained that the complaint's allegations pertained to nothing more than a group of students' single act of non-threatening, protected speech.

Shamefully, the Yale Women's Center is disappointed with this outcome, feeling that women's "freedom and safety" are threatened by the decision. One wonders if the Women's Center even read the sign. The Women's Center seriously trivializes true threats when they claim a single instance of merely offensive speech is detrimental to women's "freedom and safety." Newsflash to the Yale Women's Center: feeling offended by a sign does not mean you are in danger.

Kudos to Yale for ultimately dismissing the charges. Maybe next time, they'll do it upfront.

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