Old FIRE Case Meets—eBay?

June 29, 2005

Longtime FIRE fans may remember the case of John Bonnell, a controversial professor at Macomb Community College in Michigan. Bonnell has long faced mistreatment from the Macomb administration for his unorthodox teaching methods; FIRE defended him in a 1999 amicus brief.

Bonnell, it seems, is still in trouble with the “authorities” at Macomb and is responding in (as one might expect of him) an interesting manner: by selling his M.A. diploma on eBay. The page greets you with “1967 U. of Michigan Diploma / M.A. / John C. Bonnell—Used 30 years before Original Value and Meaning died” and it only gets more amusing (or depressing, depending on how one looks at it) as you continue down the description of the item. Check it out.