‘Popehat’ Blog: FRCC Speech Zones Possibly Attributable to Severe Head Injury, Tenure

August 5, 2010

Bloggers are lining up to take shots at Front Range Community College’s "Free Speech Zone" policynamed as FIRE’s Speech Code of the Month for August 2010 just yesterday. Popehat is first to the plate. Like FIRE, Popehat finds comic gold in the lengths that FRCC goes to disavow any liability whatsoever should you be killed, maimed, or paralyzed while attempting to exercise your First Amendment rights at FRCC:

As a new strategy for speech suppression, this is brilliant. Want to protest at this government-owned public forum [which, actually, FRCC declares isn’t even public]? Fine. But you should know some of the guards we hired have itchy trigger fingers, and sometimes the gardeners leave pit traps with feces-smeared punji sticks, and we’re not going to protect you from violent counter-protesters, and you have to sign a waiver that we’re not liable for any of that. Where is your First Amendment now?

What I like most, however, are Popehat‘s concluding remarks:

Sometimes you have to askwho drafts these things? Did their counsel review it? Has their counsel read any First Amendment cases whatsoever? Does their counsel have a debilitating head injury, or some sort of tenure?

That last line is so good, I wish I had come up with it myself. (In fact, I would go as high as $17 to buy it from its author and claim it for future use.) I hope to see moremany moreverbal skewerings of FRCC in the days to come. With a policy as hilariously unconstitutional as this one, there’s more than enough room for everyone to join the fun.