‘Reason’ Magazine Features FIRE President’s Article on P.C. Campus Censorship

January 11, 2010

FIRE is proud to announce that the February 2010 issue of Reason magazine features an article by FIRE President Greg Lukianoff.

In the article, entitled "P.C. Never Died," Greg compares the widespread outrage over political correctness on campus in the 1990s with the lesser media attention the phenomenon now receives. He dispels any notion that the media blackout is due to less political correctness on campus; indeed, given the myriad of FIRE cases he cites, it is alive and well. Greg also challenges the popular myth that to the extent censorship on campus exists, it is largely only censorship of conservatives and thus of no real concern to the political left. To the contrary, FIRE has defended a plethora of liberal students from Hayden Barnes, expelled for environmental activism, to Keith John Sampson, found guilty of racial harassment for reading a book about a defeat for the Ku Klux Klan, and many more.

As Greg writes, the most pernicious effect of this censorship is the lesson it teaches students: "The next generation needs to learn the practices of a free people. If it doesn’t, we shouldn’t be surprised if, when it takes its turn to run our republic, values such as free speech and tolerance are treated like rusty, battered antiques: quaint, mysterious, and best kept in the basement." Perish the thought.

All FIRE supporters should be sure to check out Greg’s article. We are proud of Greg’s timely and important publication, and we congratulate him on the achievement!