Red Alert in Action: Don’t Go to Colorado College

June 27, 2008

When we put a school on FIRE’s Red Alert list, it is because the school has punished what ought to be free expression–and is unrepentant about it. Red Alert schools have acted against liberty and are likely to do so again, and prospective students and faculty ought to think twice before joining such inhospitable academic communities.

We were pleased, then, to get a copy of this letter from a former Colorado resident to Colorado College president Richard Celeste in response to our press release on the school’s oppressive actions in the case of the "Monthly Bag" fiasco, in which two students were punished for posting a parody.

Dear Mr. Celeste,

I am extremely disappointed to hear this news about Colorado College. I grew up in Steamboat Springs, was awarded a Boettcher Foundation scholarship and attended Colorado State University to major in Food Science and Nutrition. I then left the state to pursue a Master’s Degree. I’ve always been proud of my Colorado heritage and the institutions within the state. I’ve believed that Colorado embodied the Founding Fathers’ vision of freedoms that Americans should have and hold dear. This offense you and the Board of Trustees have committed is a travesty. 

I will insist that my one niece and three nephews who are native Coloradoans and who I will soon be assisting with their college education do not even consider CC as an option. What a disgrace to Colorado. I wish the word Colorado weren’t even in the name of the University you lead.

Mr. Skilling will be receiving a copy of this email by the post. I will also be sending the email below to the friends I have who are alumni of Colorado College. They will not be pleased to hear of the injustice and violation of school policy which you have imparted.

Cathy Miller

I have a hunch that many other parents, aunts, and uncles feel the same way.