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Dear Representative/Senator [REPRESENTATIVE/SENATOR NAME],

My name is [NAME] and I am a [YEAR IN SCHOOL] at [SCHOOL NAME]. I am a constituent of yours in [DISTRICT]. I’m writing you today to ask you to support the Campus Free Expression (CAFE) Act pending in the [STATE][HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES/SENATE].

CAFE is legislation designed to prohibit public colleges and universities from limiting speech and expressive activity to unconstitutionally restrictive “free speech zones.” These zones quarantine student expression to tiny areas on campus which undermines the unique role a university plays as a marketplaces of ideas. Under CAFE, the open, outdoor areas of public campuses would be presumed available for students to exercise their free speech rights, subject only to the reasonable content and viewpoint neutral time, place, and manner limitations. This legislation is vital to ensure that students’ First Amendment rights are protected at colleges and universities in [STATE].

Please support this legislation to help ensure student rights are better protected at public institutions of higher education.





The more you customize the letter or email to your legislator, the more effective it will be. You may want to include information or anecdotes about why CAFE is particularly important for you, your campus community, and for students in your state.