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Email from Thomas R. Rocklin to IU Campus Community

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Sent: Friday, December 05, 2014 2:03 PM
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Subject: [UnivAdm] UI Statement on Pentacrest Art Display

The University of Iowa is a diverse community with no tolerance for racism,
and the artwork that was briefly displayed on the Pentacrest this morning
was deeply offensive to members of our community. Because it was placed
without permission, university officials directed the visiting artist who
created it to remove it, which he did.

The University of Iowa considers all forms of racism abhorrent and is deeply
committed to the principles of inclusion and acceptance. There is no room
for divisive, insensitive, and intolerant displays on this campus.The
display was not approved by nor sanctioned by the university. The UI
respects freedom of speech, but the university is also responsible for
ensuring that public discourse is respectful and sensitive.

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