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Letter from Penn State YAF Chairman Jeffery A. Budney FIRE, April 10, 2001

Dear Mr. Kors:

On behalf of Penn State Young Americans for Freedom and all who value liberty in Happy Valley I would like to thank you and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education for your help in our recent dispute with our university's administration. The support you and your staff provided to us in this matter was invaluable and we greatly appreciate your efforts.

The tide of political correctness at America's universities is often unpredictable as was the case of our recent problem. When submitting our constitution for approval after a routine revision this past fall, I had no idea that our rights would be challenged as they were. The student government court, which is responsible for sanctioning undergraduate student groups for the university, shocked us when they decided to call the legitimacy of our constitution into question because of a reference to "God-given free will." Because of FIRE's efforts our constitution has been approved as it was originally submitted and our rights have been protected.

Penn State Young Americans for Freedom is now able to continue upon our business of supporting individual freedom, free market economics, and personal responsibility at Penn State University. It would have been impossible for us to win this battle without your knowlegeable and professional assistance and for that we will be forever grateful.

With liberty,

Jeffery A. Budney

Chairman - Penn State Young Americans