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House Resolution 512 urges countries to abolish their blasphemy and apostasy laws and ensure the freedom and safety of those imprisoned under such laws. Read more

A panel on China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims was zoombombed by attendees, who played China’s national anthem and wrote over their presentation. Read more

Today, FIRE wrote to more than 400 institutions to encourage them to take note of a new report on academic freedom released by the United Nations. Read more

Hong Kong student journalists are facing increasing threats to free speech by recent legal developments. Read more

In a new report, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights’ Special Rapporteur addresses the topic of academic freedom. Read more

The AFIWG is calling for reform in UK higher education to ensure that universities do not abandon academic freedom in their internationalization efforts. Read more

FIRE released a resource tracking the adjustments made at universities in response to concerns about faculty and students’ ability to freely discuss China. Read more

At colleges nationwide, some faculty have revised teaching plans in an effort to protect students in light of Hong Kong’s National Security Law. Read more

U.S. universities have long been on a collision course with China’s censorship regime. Read more

FIRE wrote to U.S. universities encouraging them to seriously examine their existing and possible future partnerships with international campuses. Read more

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