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Human Rights Watch released a new report that examined the effects of Chinese surveillance and censorship laws on Chinese students studying in Australia. Read more

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office deemed New York liberal arts institution Bard College an “undesirable foreign organization." Read more

University leadership needs to understand its role in a world where internet history could leave permanent trails of speech for authoritarians to track. Read more

Cornell University has approved a controversial dual-degree program with Peking University despite fierce opposition from members of the campus community. Read more

China's official group for overseas students claims event with Hong Kong activist and China critic Nathan Law “falls outside the purviews of free speech." Read more

For years, FIRE has been covering the complex relationship between American higher education and foreign censorship. Events at UC San Diego offer lessons. Read more

The cancellation of another of Khaled's academic events makes clear Zoom’s academic freedom policy still leaves some important details unwritten. Read more

A new statement from Zoom suggests the service is beginning to take more seriously the pivotal role it plays in online education and academic freedom. Read more

Cornell community escalates challenges to proposed dual degree program in China Read more

For students or student governments trying to speak out about China, it may seem that they can’t win — either by saying what they believe, or by staying silent. Read more

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