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The UN is conducting a study of freedom of expression on campuses worldwide. FIRE was pleased to offer a comment in response to the call for submissions. Read more

The Harvard Crimson released an in-depth piece detailing Harvard University’s relationship with China against the backdrop of the complicated U.S.-China relations. Read more

Recent events suggest that the University of Queensland in Australia may be faltering in its handling of controversial student speech relating to China. Read more

Academics and the University College Dublin in Ireland recently clashed over suggested revisions to UCD’s academic freedom policy. Read more

NU-Q and its partner organization, the Qatar Foundation, have wildly different answers for why the university cancelled an indie rock band concert. Read more

Northwestern University in Qatar announced the cancellation of an event featuring Lebanese indie rock band Mashrou’ Leila, whose lead singer is openly gay. Read more

Yale’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences Senate pressed President Peter Salovey to respond to academic freedom violations at Yale's institution in Singapore. Read more

Axios reported that University of Minnesota student Luo Daiqing was arrested in his hometown of Wuhan, China and sentenced to six months in prison. Read more

The Chinese Communist Party is trying to constrain how people in the United States and other Western democracies talk about China. Read more

Are American universities prepared for the free speech challenges posed by the often passionate student disagreement about Hong Kong? Read more

Controversies over institutional independence and academic freedom of American universities in China are unlikely to subside any time soon. Read more

FIRE has joined a coalition of 40 civil liberties groups to express concerns about the DHS’s use of social media as a basis to deny visas to travelers. Read more

Students and faculty should add one more item to their to-do list before leaving to study abroad: learning about their rights abroad. Read more

Cornell University released a set of guidelines yesterday intended to inform the institution’s partnerships with universities and programs abroad. Read more

The Chinese University of Hong Kong became a focal point of continuing unrest this week as police attempted to enter CUHK’s campus and clashed with students Read more

Wesleyan University has abandoned opening a joint venture campus in partnership with Chinese corporation Hengdian Group and the Shanghai Theatre Academy. Read more

A new report from Scholars at Risk, addresses the threats facing students and scholars in and adjacent to mainland China. Read more

Author Thomas Schmidinger is the latest academic to accuse the United States of denying him entry into the country based on his research. Read more

Yale-NUS College is under scrutiny this week after cancelling an educational program originally titled Dissent And Resistance In Singapore. Read more

To complement our Guides to Student Rights on Campus, today we’re proud to release a set of translated, abbreviated guides. Read more

Professor Adam Duker puts his faith in faith — and the transformative power of teaching world religions to students who’ve never been exposed to them. Read more

FIRE is relieved to learn that Ajjawi is able to continue his academic career. But we remain concerned. Read more

An incoming Harvard student was due to begin classes at Harvard this week, but was seemingly denied a visa for his friend's posts on social media. Read more

Kerem Schamberger believes that his scholarship and politics are responsible for his inability to obtain a visa to present at a conference in Washington, D.C. Read more

FIRE sent a letter to American University over its treatment of professor Adam Duker. AUC has now responded to FIRE, saying little about the allegations. Read more

The FBI’s advisory is the latest development in the increasingly uneasy relationship between China’s government and academic institutions abroad. Read more

Our government’s scrutiny of blameless international students will likely track the same pattern of excessive panic followed by retrospective remorse. Read more

A Tiananmen Square anniversary drew the ire of Chinese government officials at New Zealand's Auckland University of Technology. Read more

NPR reported a new development in the increasingly uneasy relationship between China, the U.S. government, and American academic institutions. Read more

Reports state that all visa applicants must “submit any information about social media accounts they have used in the past five years" beginning on May 31. Read more

Another visa denial — this time for Palestinian politician and negotiator Hanan Ashrawi — is raising concerns. Read more

New York University faces tough questions from its faculty and student newspaper about its UAE Abu Dhabi satellite campus. Read more

Last week, Omar Barghouti was stopped from entering the U.S., where he was scheduled to make several speaking appearances at U.S. campuses. Read more

Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow Steven Cook expressed disappointment over the cancellation of a planned event at Columbia University. Read more

Last week, Human Rights Watch raised concerns about alleged efforts by the Chinese government to influence or censor debate on campuses around the world. Read more

In reports last week, two U.S. government bodies voiced concerns about the presence of Confucius Institutes on American campuses. Read more

Often, universities will argue that their reasons for censorship have been misunderstood. Georgetown University-Qatar chose a different path. Read more

In a letter to the U.S. Secretary of State, FIRE, EFF, PEN America, NCAC, and Defending Rights & Dissent raised concerns about vetting of Chinese students. Read more

Earlier this month, the UC Davis sent a warning to some of its students cautioning about surveillance of messaging apps and political speech in China. Read more

A recent report reveals an attempt by Pakistan’s government to use its restrictions on “hate speech” to pressure Google to censor a faculty petition. Read more

A doctoral student researching national security in the UAE was accused of spying on behalf of the UK, and reportedly denied access to an attorney. Read more

The 200-plus academics who signed the petition accusing some UK universities of “put profit before human rights” have struck a victory. Read more

This week, Scholars at Risk released Free to Think 2018, its fourth report in an annual series addressing threats faced by academics around the world. Read more

A debate suggesting “major religions should portray God as a woman” faced blowback at Georgetown's Qatar campus, and was subsequently cancelled. Read more

A new report addresses how U.S. universities have handled demands that they censor content deemed “sensitive” by China. Read more

Over 200 academics in the UK signed on to a statement questioning the wisdom of opening satellite campuses in Egypt. Read more

A controversy could lead to a positive outcome at the University of Western Australia: adoption of the Chicago Statement. Read more

Over the past few months, the limits of students’ free speech rights have been at the center of debate in Hong Kong. Read more

American universities abroad should ensure that the same speech protections they guarantee on U.S. soil apply on their foreign campuses. Read more

Cambridge University Press fails in the face of censorship demands from China Read more