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FIRE welcomes questions and case submissions from students and faculty members concerned about potential violations of their rights. When our involvement is warranted, we actively defend student and faculty rights. Our approach may involve some combination of advocacy, such as writing letters to the institution, issuing press releases, sharing your story with media outlets, or, in some cases, providing you with legal representation.

Read more about how we fight for student and faculty rights and the case submission process in our Frequently Asked Questions. For more information about FIRE’s work and how we help students, read our mission statement and visit our case archives.

Use the form below to make a submission. Faculty at public colleges and universities can also call FIRE’s Faculty Legal Defense Fund Hotline at 254-500-FLDF (3533). Student journalists, student media, and their advisors can contact FIRE’s Student Press Freedom Initiative Hotline at 717-734-SPFI (7734).

Please do not call FIRE regarding the status of your submission. While FIRE makes every effort to respond to each individual submission in a timely manner, our staff devoted to reviewing submissions is small and FIRE receives approximately one thousand submissions per year. We aim to respond to each submission within a few business days.

Please note that while many FIRE staff members are attorneys, our direct litigation mission is limited by our mission and resources. Unless we have explicitly agreed through a signed agreement to enter into an attorney-client relationship with you, nothing in our correspondence or advocacy should be construed as a promise or intent to represent you in a legal capacity.