Rights in the News: Hinds Swearing Case Still a Hot Topic

August 13, 2010

The Clarion-Ledger of Jackson, Mississippi, keeps churning out coverage of the conclusion of Isaac Rosenbloom’s outrageous case at Hinds Community College, where Rosenbloom was finally cleared of disciplinary charges after having been punished for swearing once after a class. Read Gary Pettus’ column–blogged here yesterday–where he amusingly juxtaposes Rosenbloom’s plight with that of Jeremiah Masoli, the man who may be the next quarterback for the University of Mississippi.

While Rosenbloom’s case has wound down and HCC has avoided an embarrassing and expensive court challenge, Thomas Thibeault’s case at East Georgia College–in which the instructor was fired for criticizing EGC’s sexual harassment policy–is gearing up. Thibeault has now filed suit in federal court against EGC, and you can read about the lawsuit and his deplorable treatment by EGC here and at the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Meanwhile, our video of Jonathan Rauch’s keynote address from this year’s Campus Freedom Network conference has proven popular–especially with the boost in viewership coming courtesy of The Atlantic‘s Andrew Sullivan, which we appreciate. 

Finally, the conclusion of this summer’s FIRE internship program today is just one reminder that the new school year is rapidly approaching. As students turn their thoughts to textbook pricing, dorm assignments, and 9:00 a.m. lectures, they’ll hopefully give a thought or two to the state of free speech on their campuses. Students can follow the lead of Cal Poly student Brendan Pringle, who in this San Luis Obispo Tribune column discusses FIRE’s history with Cal Poly while expressing optimism that the university’s next president can set a better example.