Robert Shibley Discusses 2013’s Dumbest Campus Free Speech Cases

December 30, 2013

With over 500 case submissions this year, FIRE has seen a lot of egregious instances of colleges and universities punishing students and professors for protected speech. But the actions of some colleges are just so dumb that they deserve to be subjected to one last round of figurative tomato-throwing before the end of the year. Robert Shibley brings his list of the year’s dumbest campus free speech cases to The Daily Caller today, so get ready to lose some faith in college administrators. As an example, let’s look at the University of Central Florida’s response to Professor Hyung-il Jung’s in-class joke:

[I]n an accounting exam review session, he told his class “This question is very difficult. It looks like you guys are being slowly suffocated by these questions. Am I on a killing spree or what?” … UCF’s totally proportional response was to relieve him of all teaching duties, ban him from campus, and order [a] psych evaluation. Jung was not reinstated until UCF received a letter from [FIRE] reminding the college that Jung was not actually on a “killing spree” when he told the joke and that such a joke was obviously not a true threat.

Check out the rest of the list at The Daily Caller.