Moorpark College

Location: Moorpark, California
Type: Public

Speech Code Rating

Moorpark College has not been given a speech code rating. To request speech code information about this school, please submit a speech code request form.
  • At present, FIRE does not maintain information on this school's policies.
At present, FIRE has not been publicly involved in any cases at this school.
  • Speech Code of the Month: Moorpark College

    November 4, 2010

    FIRE announces its Speech Code of the Month for November 2010: Moorpark College, a public community college  in California. Moorpark’s Student Code of Conduct prohibits any “profanity, vulgarity, or other offensive conduct.” As a public institution, Moorpark is prohibited from infringing on its students’ First Amendment rights, but this policy bans a great deal of constitutionally… Read more