Students and Faculty: Join the Campus Freedom Network and Spread the Message of Liberty on Campus

July 30, 2009

Over 3,000 students and faculty members dedicated to liberty from hundreds of colleges and universities around the country have joined FIRE’s Campus Freedom Network. The CFN offers a unique opportunity to connect students and faculty members together to work for liberty on campus.

How exactly do CFN members spread the message of liberty?

Hosting a FIRE speaker. FIRE staff members regularly speak at colleges and universities across the country about freedom of speech and speech codes on campus. Through the CFN, you can host a FIRE speaker on your campus.

Writing op-eds. Students join in the fight for liberty on campus by writing op-eds and blog posts about speech codes and episodes of censorship on their own campus. It’s a great way to make a principled case for free speech and bring the light of public scorn on institutions of repression.

Putting up a speech code widget. FIRE offers speech code widgets that students, faculty, and alumni can post on their websites and Facebook profiles. The widgets link to the speech codes highlighted on FIRE’s website of a school of your choice. If you’re in the CFN, we’ll give you points toward the CFN incentive program for posting the widgets. If you’re not a CFN member, we’ll send you a special gift anyway as our way of saying thanks for getting the word out about censorship on campus.

Recruiting new members. The threats to freedom on campus are real. The more people know about these threats, the better they will be prepared to assert and defend their own rights. Through the CFN, students and faculty members can learn about the threats to free speech on campus and have the resources to defend them.

Just for registering for the CFN, members receive a free FIRE t-shirt with a quote from FIRE’s Co-founder, Professor Alan Charles Kors: "A nation that does not educate in liberty will not long preserve it and will not even know when it is lost." Wearing this t-shirt around is a great way to reach fellow students with the message of liberty.

Members also have the opportunity to work with the CFN to advocate for liberty on their campuses. These students will have the opportunity to earn points through the CFN incentive program and receive prizes including books, a BPA-free FIRE Nalgene water bottle, gift cards and even an HDTV, an Apple Macbook, an iPod, and a digital camera or a $2,500 scholarship. Over fifty CFN members had the opportunity to attend the CFN summer conference just this last June.

If you’re a student or faculty member, sign up for the CFN today. If you aren’t a student or faculty member but know someone who is, send them this link, and get them involved.

Join the CFN today!