The Biggest FIRE Student Network Conference Yet Is Just Four Weeks Away!

June 30, 2014

In just four short weeks, passionate and dedicated students from across the nation will descend on Bryn Mawr College, just outside Philadelphia, for a weekend of education, strategy, and workshopping. Their goal: the reinstitution and protection of fundamental individual rights in academia.

Joined by professional advocates for free expression such as renowned author and scholar Jonathan Rauch, Free-Range Kids author Lenore Skenazy, and First Amendment lawyer Robert Corn-Revere, FIRE will arm student attendees with all the tools necessary for reversing the tide of restrictive speech policies and stifling campus atmospheres.

Students interested in attending must apply now to have a chance to attend, as only a few spots remain and latecomers will be placed on a waiting list. FIRE will cover all expenses associated with the conference, including meals, accommodations, and up to $300 for travel. Students can apply for the conference here and join the FIRE Student Network here. See you next month!