Work with FIRE to Bring Your Campus into Alignment with the First Amendment

August 8, 2008

The Torch has been ablaze this week with news and commentary on the victory for freedom of expression in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in DeJohn v. Temple University. If your university is in a state under the Third Circuit’s jurisdictionthat’s Pennsylvania, Delaware, or New Jerseythen your school’s policies must abide by the strictures of the judges’ ruling. If you’re a student at a public college or university in one of those states and you’d like to learn more about your school’s speech policies, check out FIRE’s Spotlight, our database of policies restricting speech at schools across the country.

But whether your university falls under the jurisdiction of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals or not, I encourage you to join FIRE’s Campus Freedom Network (CFN) and work with FIRE to make your campus safe for liberty. FIRE is happy to supply you with all the help you’ll need, including FIRE’s Guides to Student Rights on Campus, Spotlight: The Campus Freedom Resource, and FIRE’s multimedia project. Additionally, FIRE speakers stand ready and willing to speak on your campus. Book one today!