Working at FIRE

With offices situated in the Old City section of Philadelphia next to Independence Hall and in the Capitol Hill area of Washington, D.C., FIRE offers two lively working environments with a staff committed to defending student and faculty rights on college campuses across the country. FIRE’s working environment promotes a culture in which the employee will receive a well-rounded experience that familiarizes the individual not only with FIRE’s activities, but also with the philosophical and legal foundations of FIRE’s work. If you’re interested in working at FIRE, please see our open positions below.


Psychology Research Fellow

FIRE is seeking a research fellow with an educational background in psychology to conduct research on the justification of censorship as a necessary step to protect mental health. Read more.


History Research Fellow

FIRE is seeking a research fellow with an educational background in both law and history to conduct research on the historical development of laws governing speech and analyze how past calls for censorship have impacted certain social or political movements. Read more.


Director of Public Outreach

The Director of Public Outreach will supervise the work of several FIRE outreach fellows, as well as interact directly with outside students and faculty members. Read more.


High School Outreach Fellow

The High School Outreach Fellow will manage FIRE’s outreach efforts with high school students and educators through the development of specialized curricula aimed at educating high school students on the foundations of freedom of expression. Read more.


Alumni and Public Outreach Fellow

The Alumni and Public Outreach Fellow will be primarily responsible for managing FIRE’s outreach efforts with university alumni and overseeing public awareness campaigns encouraging alumni to engage their universities on issues relating to freedom of speech. Read more.


Faculty Outreach Fellow

The Faculty Outreach Fellow will be primarily responsible for expanding FIRE’s network of faculty members interested in and concerned for freedom of speech and academic freedom in higher education, and organizing two annual conferences around these topics. Read more.


Archival Fellow

The Archival Fellow will be primarily responsible for cataloging and analyzing data collected from FIRE’s archive of submissions from students and faculty members seeking individual assistance. Read more.


Polling Analyst

This position will organize a new, national polling effort aimed at uncovering campus attitudes toward student free speech and due process rights on campus. Read more.


Communications Coordinator

This two year position will be responsible for developing and implementing the communications and media outreach strategy for FIRE’s new Speech, Outreach, Advocacy, and Research Project (“Project SOAR”) that will launch on January 1, 2017. Read more.


Assistant to the Executive Director

FIRE is seeking an Assistant to the Executive Director with strong writing skills who will be in charge of a wide range of responsibilities. Read more.


Legal and Legislative Policy Advocate

The Legal and Legislative Policy Advocate will work with policymakers nationwide to further FIRE’s legislative goals at the state and federal level. Read more.


Legal Research Internship

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) is pleased to formally announce a call for applications for its Legal Research Internship. Read more.


Summer Internship Program

FIRE offers an eight-week, paid Summer Internship as part of our efforts to educate students about their rights at colleges and universities. This internship gives current undergraduates the opportunity to assist FIRE in defending civil liberties on campuses all across the country. Read more.