Bigger in Texas?

February 22, 2005

Responding to our recent post about the University of North Texas, a reader from Texas wrote:

Well, I appreciate your understanding of the scale of things here in Texas. I noticed that, in your discussion of the fun at North Texas, you made reference to “nearby Texas Tech.” We are about 300 miles from North Texas. Yeah, that’s sorta “nearby” in Texas.

Great point and thanks for writing! The scale of Texas plays havoc with my New York mind. I looked it up, UNT and TTU are therefore ten Rhode Islands away from each other! Not shocking to Texans, I am sure, but certainly humbling to Northeasterners.

Still, I know that everyone says things are “bigger in Texas,” but readers should remember the Texas Tech “free speech gazebo,” one of the smallest “free speech zones” FIRE has ever seen. Let’s hope that with the recent victory in Roberts v. Haragan the space for free speech will expand to proper Texas-sized proportions.

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