Albion College: Student Investigated for Hyperbolic Email about Antifa and ISIS


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In September 2017, Albion College student Alexander Tokie emailed his fellow College Republicans with suggestions on countering arguments about “white privilege.” In jest, Tokie concluded his email by suggesting to his peers: “Take the liberal tears from the idiot you just destroyed in your debate, dissemble your American made Springfield M1911 .45 caliber handgun and apply the tears in order to clean the mechanism, reassemble and proceed to purchase ANTIFA and ISIS hunting permits and max out on tags[.]” On Nov. 8, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Sally Walker and Vice President of Finance and Administration Jerry White informed Tokie that he was charged with violating Albion’s policy against the “[u]se of, or threatened use of, physical force or violence.” FIRE wrote to Albion on November 16 and November 29, demanding that the college end its investigation and honor the free speech commitments it makes to students.