Fresno State: College Republicans Under ‘Review’ for Anti-Military Tweets


California State University - Fresno

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Case Overview

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On August 11, 2021, Fresno State’s College Republicans quote tweeted a video of a military veteran saying people who don’t wear masks are “cowards.” The group responded that the veteran, who has been outspoken about his struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder, would “break down” from hearing fireworks and that the “vast majority” of the military are “glorified DMV employees.” The tweets drew calls for the student group to be punished, and Fresno State tweeted a statement vowing to “review” the matter. FIRE wrote to Fresno State on August 12, explaining that — however offensive — the College Republicans’ tweets constitute protected expression, and therefore may not be investigated by a public university. Fresno State responded to FIRE the next day confirming that it “has no plan to” investigate or discipline the College Republicans and “fully recognizes the free speech rights” of student organizations.