Loyola University New Orleans: Student Prevented From Promoting Pro-Choice March


Loyola University New Orleans

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Case Overview

According to a report in the school newspaper, a Loyola senior was distributing flyers on campus promoting an off-campus pro-choice march when an administrator told the student to stop because the flyers did not align with the university’s religious values. Two police officers also told the student to stop verbally promoting the march because the student was being too loud. After the incident, another administrator said the flyers violated the school’s solicitation policy. On November 7, 2022, FIRE wrote the university calling for it to honor its free expression promises, which include the rights of students to dissent. We also asked it to narrow its solicitation policy, which improperly restricts protected speech on campus by broadly banning the distribution of several different types of materials. The university responded by saying that it had acted in accordance with its policies and did not disclose any further information.