Rocky Mountain College: Pro-Life Display of Crosses Too ‘Divisive’


Rocky Mountain College

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Since 2018, the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana, has put up a 9/11 memorial display of small flags along a pathway. This year, YAF student leaders wanted to add a second display, later in the year, of small white crosses, representing the group’s pro-life stance. In August 2019, they sought permission for the pro-life display later in the year. They were denied permission by the Dean of Students, who said the display was “divisive” and that, in general, displays on the lawn related to controversial topics were “too confrontational.” When YAF later sought to put up posters with their meeting times that said “Unborn Lives Matter,” those were also rejected by the Dean of Students. On November 5, 2019, FIRE wrote to RMC, calling on the college to respect the freedom of expression it promises its students and permit displays and posters on controversial topics.