Skidmore College: Student Government Refuses to Recognize Progressive Zionist Club


Skidmore College

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FIRE Victory closed

On March 12, 2021, Skidmore’s student government denied recognition to the Progressive Zionists for Peace student group because it could be “troublesome” that the club is a “dialogue focused club” while expressing “one perspective.” Skidmore, however, recognizes various other organizations that engage in dialogue while expressing one perspective, including the College Democrats, College Republicans, and Feminist Action Network. On March 17, FIRE wrote to Skidmore explaining that the viewpoint-based denial of PZP’s club status is an impermissible violation of the college’s commitments to free speech and association. FIRE also called on Skidmore’s student government to rectify its violation of these students’ associational rights by recognizing the student group following PZP’s March 19 appeal hearing. During the March 19 hearing, Skidmore’s student government reversed course and granted the PZP its trial period.