Texas A&M University: University Backs Out of Employment Offer Because of Professor’s Views


Texas A&M University - College Station

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Case Overview

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In June 2023, Texas A&M held a signing ceremony announcing the hiring of Kathleen McElroy for a tenured position directing the university’s journalism program. But after alumni groups criticized the hire because of McElroy’s research on race and her prior work with diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, TAMU rescinded its original offer and extended McElroy only a five-year contract, then lowered the offer again in July to a one-year, at-will position, which McElroy rejected. FIRE wrote TAMU on July 18 objecting to this blatant viewpoint discrimination in violation of the university’s  binding First Amendment obligations. On July 27, TAMU and McElroy reached a $1 million settlement agreement in which the university apologized and acknowledged it made “significant mistakes.”