University of Central Florida: Speech Quarantined to 'Free Assembly Areas'


University of Central Florida

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After instituting "Free Assembly Areas" around campus, constituting a small percentage of the actual grounds, the University of Central Florida drew criticism from FIRE for its disregard of the First Amendment. After twice preventing The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) from protesting under the Golden Rule's "Free Assembly Areas" policy, the University of Central Florida then further diminished students' First Amendment rights by implementing a "Free Assembly Areas" policy from the Student Union, a policy inconsistent with the Golden Rule's, recognizing different areas on campus as free speech zones. The SDS was forced to cease protesting, even though they were within the designated area under the Golden Rule's policy, because it conflicted with the Student Assembly. Not only is UCF limiting free speech by introducing these policies, but they are then further inhibiting students' rights to free speech and assembly by having disparate policies. FIRE continues to criticize UCF, as the school has yet to eliminate their inconsistent and unconstitutional measures.