University of New Hampshire: Eviction of Student for Posting Flier


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Timothy Garneau, a sophomore at the University of New Hampshire, was evicted from his dorm for posting fliers joking that freshman women could lose the "Freshman 15" by walking up the dormitory stairs. Garneau was charged with offenses including "acts of dishonesty"; violation of "affirmative action" policies; "harassment"; and "conduct which is disorderly, lewd." FIRE wrote UNH President Ann Weaver Hart explaining that posting a satirical flier was protected speech under the First Amendment, and that evicting Garneau from housing was an outrageous violation of his rights. UNH's Judicial and Mediation Programs Office informed Garneau that UNH had rescinded all of the original charges except for "acts of dishonesty" and that his sentence was reduced from eviction to "relocation" to another dormitory.