University of Pennsylvania: Following Controversial Commentary, Amy Wax Faces ‘Major Sanction’ from Penn Law


University of Pennsylvania

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Case Overview

In January 2022, Penn Law Professor Amy Wax came under public criticism for an interview in which she said the United States would be “better off with fewer Asians and less Asian immigration.” Penn Law Dean Theodore Ruger initially denounced Wax’s comments while acknowledging her academic freedom to make them. After increasing public pressure regarding these statements, Wax's past commentary on race, and allegations she violated student confidentiality, Ruger reversed course and initiated disciplinary proceedings against Wax. In June, Ruger issued a report asking Penn’s faculty senate to impose a “major sanction” against Wax — up to and including termination — for her extramural speech. In June 2023, a faculty committee recommended major sanctions against Wax.