University of South Florida: The ‘Heckler’s Veto’


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Case Overview

FIRE Victory closed

Computer Science Professor Sami Al-Arian no longer faces termination for his alleged "disruption" of university activities, which FIRE protested through a letter from Alan Charles Kors to University of South Florida (USF) President Judy Genshaft. In the letter, Kors denounced USF's termination of Professor Al-Arian due to FIRE's belief that his firing was an example of a "heckler's veto," which the letter deemed to be the public outcry against Professor Al-Arian shortly after FoxNews television host Bill O'Reilly's implication that Professor Al-Arian was sympathetic to terrorists. While Professor Al-Arian is still terminated, USF changed the justification of his firing in August 2002 after alleging that Professor Al-Arian engaged in a pattern of sanctionable and criminal activity by aiding terrorists and financing their activities.