Yolo County Library: Speakers Removed from Public Meeting Room for Referring to Transgender Women as ‘Male’ and ‘Biological Men’


Case Overview

On August 20, 2023, the Yolo County, California, branch of Moms for Liberty hosted a “Forum on Fair and Safe Sport for Girls” in a publicly available meeting room at Yolo County Library in California. After speakers referred to transgender women as “male,” “men,” and “biological men,” the library manager shut down the event. In an Aug. 24 letter to the library, FIRE explained that the meeting room is a public forum, and the library’s suppression of the Moms for Liberty event was viewpoint-based censorship that violated the First Amendment. On Sept. 5, Yolo County responded to FIRE’s letter confirming the county librarian offered the event’s organizers an opportunity to reschedule and that the library was reviewing the incident and its policies to ensure adherence to its First Amendment obligations.