Student Handbook: Demonstration Policy

Fordham University

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    Protest and Demonstration Policies
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Organizers and participants must follow these guidelines in planning and conducting pickets and other demonstration events: ...

A member of the Fordham University community must be designated Organizer/Liaison for the event. Given the often complicated nature of a demonstration to take place on University property and the need to coordinate among various areas for needs such as space reservation and traffic control, the Organizer/Liaison must meet with the Dean of Students to coordinate the planned event. The Organizer/Liaison is encouraged to schedule this meeting well in advance. To begin the process of coordination and schedule this initial meeting, the organizer completes the Event Organizer Form located HERE, which will alert the University offices with which the event will be coordinated of a proposed demonstration. The Dean of Students/designate will meet with the organizer within 2 business days. In some cases, the Dean of Students can work with groups on even more rapid turnaround. The planned demonstration may be scheduled no less than 2 business days after this meeting. The meeting will be to review the details of the proposed demonstration including proposed time, place, and manner (including planned size) and the Organizer/Liaison will coordinate with the Dean of Students to reserve University space for the event. Reservation of campus space for any event will be contingent upon availability. If the Organizer/Liaison is planning the event on behalf of a recognized club or organization, the advisor to the club or organization should attend this meeting as well.


Demonstrations/protests that have not been coordinated with/approved by the University through the process described in this policy are not permitted and may be ended without following steps 1-5. Organizing individuals and groups as well as participants may be subject to response through the Student Conduct Process.