Student Organization Policies: Policies and Procedures for the Distribution of Literature, the Sponsorship of Visiting Speakers and Public Performances, and the Screening of Films

Marquette University

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Student organization requests for the distribution of literature, the sponsorship of visiting speakers and public performers and the screening of films will be considered in light of the educational purposes and the Catholic identity of Marquette University. Specific attention, therefore, will be paid to the context and purpose of the proposed material.

The university has final discretion in decisions regarding the distribution of literature, the sponsorship of visiting speakers and public performances, and the screening of films. In keeping with the intellectual imperative of the university and the instructive value of dialogue, educational or artistic merit and a balanced perspective will be the normative bases for decisions. The use of the university as a forum, however, in no way implies university approval or endorsement of the views expressed by material distributed, by a speaker, in a public performance, or in a film. In those cases where a program, film or printed material is considered to be opposed to the mission of the university, there may be a requirement for the presentation of multiple points of view.


The university provides for the distribution of literature by student organizations. The following guidelines apply:

1. Only members of the registered student organizations may distribute literature.
2. Only literature deemed appropriate by the student organization and the university may be distributed.
3. The literature shall clearly identify the student organization responsible for the literature.