12.5.5 Bulletin Boards, Postering, and Display Spaces

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Institute Display Spaces may only be used by DLCs, recognized student groups, and other established Institute groups, such as academic and administrative units, unions, and employee resource groups.


The use of posters, flyers, and similar items (collectively, “posters”) on Institute Display Spaces shall only be used to communicate information about Institute or MIT-recognized group events, activities, programs, or services, or for educational, research, professional, or volunteer opportunities that are relevant to the MIT community. These spaces may not be used for the purpose of selling personal items, promoting businesses or third-party goods and services, or advertising non-MIT events, activities, or programs that are targeted toward a broad, general audience.

All posters must clearly and conspicuously identify and include contact information for the group responsible for the posters.

Posters on Institute Display Spaces may not be used to engage in harassment, discrimination, retaliation, invasion of personal privacy, defamation, threats or violence, targeting of groups or individuals, infringing the intellectual property rights of others, or other violations of law or MIT policies.


Concerns about the content or viewpoint expressed in a poster can also be reported to the Institute Discrimination & Harassment Response Office (IDHR) or the MIT Hotline. The decision to remove a poster from an Institute Display Space based on content/viewpoint is expected to be rare, and will be made in the sole discretion of a rapid response team appointed jointly by the Provost, Chancellor, Vice President for Human Resources, and the Chair of the Faculty.