A deplatforming attempt is a form of intolerance motivated by more than just mere disagreement with, or even protest of, some form of expression. It is an attempt to prevent some form of expression from occurring. Deplatforming attempts include efforts to disinvite speakers from campus speeches or commencement ceremonies, to cancel performances of concerts, plays, or the screenings of movies, or to have controversial artwork removed from public display. An attempt to disrupt a speech or performance that is in progress is also considered a deplatforming attempt, whether it succeeds or fails. 

Deplatforming attempts do not include criticisms of some form of expression and protests denouncing them that are not motivated by the goal of deplatforming the controversial expression

FIRE’s methodology details what the Campus Deplatforming database records for each deplatforming attempt. This database is updated every few weeks. As of April 26, 2024:

Total number of deplatforming attempts recorded: 1,507

Total number of successful deplatforming attempts: 626

Total number of deplatforming attempts recorded this year: 110