Guidebook to Reed: College Organization - Living with the Honor Principle

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    Policies on Tolerance, Respect, and Civility
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Relevant Excerpt

The most common formulation of the honor principle states that any action that causes unnecessary pain or discomfiture to any member of the Reed community, group within the community, or to the community as a whole is a violation of the honor principle. While most people would agree with this formulation, this is an interpretation of the honor principle rather than a definition. The fact is that the honor principle has never been officially defined.

Instead, each member of the Reed community must work to develop an understanding of it, both as an individual and as a community member. You should keep this in mind as you read and think about the honor principle.


Reed, however, remains committed to the notion that the expectation of honorable conduct is the best way to run its internal affairs. Each individual must recognize and accept the extraordinary responsibility placed on him or her by the honor principle in order for the community to function effectively for everyone.