Student Life & Conduct: Protest and Demonstrations Policy

University of Chicago

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    Protest and Demonstration Policies
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To further the effectiveness of their event, organizations and other groups of students organizing a protest or demonstration are encouraged to make advance arrangements with the staff of the Center for Leadership and Involvement (CLI) and/or their appropriate Recognized Student Organization (RSO) Advisor. Advance notification enables the University to help ensure that the event takes place in a constructive and peaceable manner.

When possible, a request to hold a protest or demonstration should be submitted at least 48 hours before the start of the event to ensure its successful execution. With the appropriate advance notice, RSO Advisors together with the Dean-on-Call will engage with student protestors and demonstrators during the event to help assure that the event is effective, to ensure participants’ safety, and to assist organizers in seeing that the demonstration does not disrupt the normal functioning of the University.