UNIV 6.00: Freedom of Expression and Access to Campus

University of South Carolina Columbia

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Relevant Excerpt

Spontaneous Expressive Activity: means nonscheduled meetings, public speaking, performances, demonstrations, rallies, vigils, and other events by members of the University community, including students, student organizations, outside groups whose expression is protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


Permissive activity: Outside of the legal restrictions on speech noted above and the limitations referenced here, the university considers outdoor areas of campus (i.e., outside areas generally accessible to all faculty, staff, and students) to be open on the same terms to any person for public speaking, noncommercial solicitation, and spontaneous expressive activity.


Limited activity: In addition to prohibited expression detailed in Section A above, other expressive activity in outdoor areas may be limited based on the potential for disruption to university operations, teaching, and residential activities. In particular, outside areas immediately adjacent to a living facility, an academic building where classes are taking place, or an administrative building where university business is being conducted may involve the university taking steps to modify or move the activity to an area where disruption would not take place. Likewise, the university reserves the right to move large crowds engaging in constitutionally protected expression to a different campus location if a reasonable determination is made that there is a safety risk in their current location and that the alternative location is more appropriate; decisions to move a demonstration must be made in a content neutral fashion.