Gift a FIRE membership

Do you know someone whose values align with FIRE’s mission to restore free speech as a fundamental value in our culture and a cornerstone of our democracy? Gift them a FIRE membership today, so they can join our free speech movement.

Gift a FIRE Membership

A black card with "FIRE" written in bold white letters and our flame icon in red.

Gifting a membership is a great way to have your friends and family become a part of the massive nationwide movement FIRE is building to restore free expression as a legal right and a fundamental cultural value. They also will enjoy special insider perks, including invitations to FIRE events and conferences in their area, and a one-year subscription to our FIRE Quarterly magazine.

Make sure to dedicate your donation to your friend or family member, so we can extend the benefits to them! After you make the gift, you will also have the option to write your own note.

You can also make a gift by mail, through stock or wire transfer, or by giving us a call at 215-717-3473, and just let us know your donation is gift membership.