FIRE Launches an Official Facebook Page

July 15, 2009

In the spirit of our recent web redesign and Sam’s post this morning about exciting new changes to FIRE’s Spotlight database, we also have boosted our Facebook presence this week.

FIRE now has an official Facebook page to compliment our existing Campus Freedom Network Facebook page. In addition to posting stories from The Torch and other relevant updates, both pages have additional features that expand their capability and integration with the FIRE website. For the first time, visitors to FIRE’s Facebook page will be able to sign up for our newsletter, join the Campus Freedom Network, and search the Spotlight database directly from Facebook. In addition, the Campus Freedom Network page will also allow users to sign up for the Campus Freedom Network as well as order copies of FIRE’s Guides.

Please take a moment to visit these pages, become a fan, and spread the word about FIRE and the CFN on Facebook!