Policy 110: Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

Relevant excerpt

3.2 Harassment

Communication or conduct (e.g. verbal, physical, electronic, written, etc.) that creates a Hostile Environment or involves a Quid Pro Quo exchange for an individual within a Protected Status that unreasonably interferes with the individual’s:

(a) educational environment (e.g., admission, academic standing, grades, assignments, etc.);
(b) work environment (e.g., hiring, advancement, assignment, etc.); or
(c) participation in a University program or activity (e.g., campus housing, extra-curricular activities, etc.).

3.2.1 Hostile Environment

Conduct based on Protected Status that is so severe, persistent, or pervasive that it alters the conditions of education, employment, or participation in a University program or activity, thereby creating an environment that a reasonable person in similar circumstances and with similar identities would find hostile, intimidating, or abusive. An isolated incident, unless sufficiently severe, does not constitute a Hostile Environment.

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