Student Code of Conduct: Proscribed Conduct- Sexual Harassment 13-14

Relevant excerpt

A violation may include, but is not limited to:

  1. any action or statement of a sexual nature which is embarrassing, harassing, intimidating, or abusive.
  2. unwanted comments, communications, jokes, or requests of a sexual nature.
  3. unwelcome and persistent sexually explicit statements or stories.
  4. repeated use of sexually degrading words, gestures, or sounds to describe a person.
  5. recurring derogative comments or questions about an individual’s sexual orientation and/or behavior.
  6. any kind of unwelcome sexual advances.
  7. repeated phone calls, messages, and/or other communications sexual in nature, even after statements have indicated that there is no interest.
  8. threats of retaliation as a result of a sexual encounter.
  9. implied or stated threats of sexual violence.

Sexual harassment can occur with any combination of genders, gender identities/expressions, and sexual orientations.

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