University Housing Resident Handbook: Harassment and Assault

Category: Harassment Policies School: California Polytechnic State University Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: January 24, 2018

Relevant excerpt

Physical, uncivil, threatening, and intimidating actions and abuse against any member of the community are not welcome in the University Housing community and will be subject to review to determine if they violate the CSU Standards for Student Conduct University Housing Resident Handbook and Community Standards Guidelines or other campus policies. Any activity directed at self, others, or a group of individuals living in campus housing, which could cause physical, and/or emotional, harm, is strictly prohibited. Residents are prohibited from engaging in any activity which could violate personal safety including, but not limited to, harassment, pranks, stalking, physical abuse, assault, threats, intimidation, bribery or coercion. You are expected to act in a manner which will not disturb the academic pursuits or infringe upon the privacy, rights, privileges, health or safety of others.

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